NATM2016Secondary School

Arkansas High School Recognizes Athletic Trainer and NATM2016


NATM2016Secondary School

Arkansas High School Recognizes Athletic Trainer and NATM2016

Continuing to impact the numerous student-athletes to enhance their abilities of preventing and treating injuries here in Hope Public Schools, Angelo Goshen is being recognized for his professional and expertise as an athletic trainer and educator. Due to Goshen’s excessive time and dedication to the athletic programs in Hope, he’s received special recognition this month from the Hope High School staff, faculty and students to honor “National Athletic Training Month.”

During the month of March, athletic trainers across america are being recognized for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries and stay healthy and active. Athletic trainers are health care professionals and highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand. AT’s can be found in high schools, colleges, corporations, professional sports, the military, performing arts and clinics, hospitals and physician offices.

National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about all that athletic trainers do.

Goshen has provided his skills of training and it’s been a major asset to all of Hope athletic programs.

It’s been awarding to the entire Hope athletic programs to have an athletic trainer on board and more importantly a certified expert such as Goshen to be available for all student-athletes in Hope Public Schools.

Goshen said having a strong passion for sports and wanting to help others such as athletes is one of the reasons to choose this profession.

Since his act of duty, several student-athletes have been treated of injures by Goshen. His knowledgeable judgement has made a major effect on the athletes and also the opposing teams during games by Goshen’s presence.

According to the NATA (National Athletic Trainer’s Association), AT’s are experts, save lives, take responsibility and lower risk and is the health care system for athletes and others. NATA also represents and supports 43,000 members of the athletic training profession employed in colleges and universities, high schools, professional sports, clinics and hospitals as well as corporate and industrial settings.

With the severeness of serious injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries and conditions as heat illness can be life threatening if not recognized and properly handled.

A goal is to continue to reach those individuals and organizations that can help make a difference for athletic trainers when it comes to legislation, employment and public health.

As the AT, Goshen has completed a full year of active duty of all fall and spring sports for Hope; two seasons of football and basketball, now currently in the second rotation of baseball, softball, soccer and track and field. Students continue to learn the valuable education assets of athletic training through the sports medicine curriculum Goshen teaches at Hope High School.

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