#AT4ALLSecondary School

Project 17 to Add More Athletic Trainers in Florida Public Schools


#AT4ALLSecondary School

Project 17 to Add More Athletic Trainers in Florida Public Schools

Two schools have been added to Duval County’s effort to bring full-time athletic trainers to its schools.

A program, called Project 17, which was announced last year, is working toward keeping students safe and healthy.

The program aims to prevent major injuries and offer quicker treatment for students by staffing Duval County public schools with full-time athletic trainers.

Several agencies, including the Jaguars and the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program, are teaming with the school district to provide the funding and training needed for those trainers.

Ribault, Raines, Jackson, Baldwin and Englewood high schools were the first five to have full-time trainers on staff last year. This school year, Parker and Westside high schools will be added to the program.

Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti said when the program was announced last year that many Duval County parents don’t have health insurance, and adding full-time trainers to school staffs will allow non-emergency injuries like ankle twists or knee injuries to be treated more easily.

In the short term, the program will run off public and private funding, including donations from local hospitals, as well as grants. The school district will eventually take over the costs.

The other schools will continue to have part-time trainers available for games until their full-time trainer is on staff.

The program is expected to have full-time athletic trainers in 17 high schools in Duval County by 2020.