Professional Development

Pirates Athletic Trainers Host PLAY Campaign


Professional Development

Pirates Athletic Trainers Host PLAY Campaign

Article reposted from CBS Pittsburgh
Author: Dave Crawley

It takes more than natural talent to be a Major League Baseball player, or to simply get in shape, that fact was reinforced under a blazing sun at PNC Park Wednesday.

The head didn’t slow them down though. The “Play” campaign conducts events for kids in all 30 major league parks.

“Get the kids active and on the field, and meeting with the athletic trainers and the great staff they have, and really enjoying the ballpark overall,” said Sam Radbil, the campaign’s coordinator.

Trainer Todd Tomczyk says the aim is to reinforce play.

“Reinforce backyard play, reinforce being physically active,” said Tomczyk. “You don’t have to have the skill sets that professional baseball players have. But being active is one important attribute of the youth.”

It’s not just for kids. Andrew McCutchen and other players go through the very same drills.

Cross country runner Brianna Nicholas say it’s helpful.

“It keeps your body moving, and helps build up more muscles,” she said.

The Pirates staff filled the field with exercises. And, fittingly, to close the event was Pirates closer, Mark Melancon.

“When I was your age, it was important to be outside, and play all the sports that you can play, and I’m sure you guys are doing that, right?” he said.