Amateur Sports

Blatz attending to Olympian aches and pains


Amateur Sports

Blatz attending to Olympian aches and pains

Article reposted from The Carillon
Author: Terry Frey

Already considered one of the leading athletic therapists in the country, Steinbach’s Dave Blatz is taking his considerable expertise in the field to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

Blatz, who has criss-crossed the globe on multiple occasions working with the various national teams, is working at his third Olympic Games this month following up on his first go round with the Olympics at the 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing and then 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The owner of Eastman Therapy Centre in Steinbach, he treats many athletes, among others, during his regular day job, when he is not traveling with the national teams, as he is also on the road three to four months of the year.

At Rio, Blatz is part of the Canadian Olympic Committee Core Medical Team and is one of two athletic therapists working with the Canadian athletes. Other members of the medical team include two physiotherapists, two sports massage therapists and five or six sports medicine physicians.

At the Games, he will be specifically working with the men’s and women’s golf teams (which includes teenage superstar Brooke Henderson, the second ranked player in the world), the men’s and women’s boxing teams as well as the men’s and women’s weightlifting teams.

As well, he will be working in the Canadian multi-discipline medical clinic, treating athletes from all the different sports.

“I am excited to go,” said Blatz prior to his departure for Rio last week, “it doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

Upon his arrival in Brazil on the weekend, he checked out the facilities and said via text, “I checked out the Olympic golf course, it looks awesome, and the Olympic Village is fantastic.”

Treating world-class athletes as they compete across the globe has become the norm for Dave Blatz.

He has a dizzying resume with the number of athletes and Team Canada programs that he has been involved with over the years. He is the current head athletic therapist for Team Canada baseball (since 2003) and for Team Canada men’s soccer (since 2009).

Formerly he was head athletic therapist for Team Canada men’s volleyball (2003-2010) and Rowing Canada (2009-2014) and has also worked at past Pan Am Games and Commonwealth Games along with a myriad of other events around the world.

Additionally, as well as working with most amateur and professional organizations in both Steinbach and Winnipeg over the years, he has also worked in Major League Baseball in spring training with the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins.

Competition is now underway at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and Steinbach’s Dave Blatz is doing his part to make sure our Canadian athletes are able to compete at the optimum level to achieve Olympic glory and/or bring home some medals.