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Athletic Trainer Makes Wyoming High School Sports Safer


Secondary School

Athletic Trainer Makes Wyoming High School Sports Safer

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Author: KCWY13

Lander valley high school teams up with Fremont Therapy Group to provide a full-time athletic trainer for sports teams.

Adam Simon is a state certified athletic trainer ready to work with kids every time they step onto the field.

Simon said “I’ll be for like I said all the practices and be able to evaluate injuries and do some treatment and stuff like that at the high school instead of just on game days and stuff like that.”

Concussions are a major concern for student athletes and coaches, especially deciding when they can or cannot safely return to play.

Simon mentioned “the coaches already have a lot on their plates already so to be able to take that responsibility of their shoulder to decide whether an athlete can return to play or whether they can’t return to play is got to be relieving for them.”

Lander’ High School Activities Director Serol Stauffenberg said “they’re wired to win a game and put who they need to on the field to win and sometimes maybe would over look, not intentionally but overlook a concussion or an injury whereas the trainer comes in, steps in and takes that completely off of their plate.”

Most talk of injuries and concussions centers around football, that’s not always the case.

“there’s always an opportunity for it especially in contact sports like football and then believe or not volleyball has a pretty good opportunity for it as well if they get hit in the face by a ball or something like that and soccer with them heading.” Stated Simon.

If an athlete does get a concussion they will have to pass a concussion protocol similar to professional sports.

Simon said “they won’t start the protocol until they are 24 hours symptom free and then it’s a five day protocol where we put them through different kinds of exercises and then if the symptoms increase or come back then they have to take a step back in the protocol.”

Stauffenberg says having Simon here is a way to be pro-active in keeping every sport safer for student athletes.

Simon has two years of clinical experience at Central Wyoming College and says he loves all sports and is excited to help athletes who do too.