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Idaho Athletic Trainers have important role on sidelines


Secondary School

Idaho Athletic Trainers have important role on sidelines

Article reposted from KMVT11
Author: Kelsey Souto

One year into the start of its program, the St. Luke’s Magic Valley sports medicine program is busier than ever.

Dr. Chad Johnson started the program last August and has now added three athletic trainers that serve two different schools within the Magic Valley.

“It certainly is budding, at least my lifestyle demonstrates that,” said Dr. Johnson, Sports Medicine Physician. “We’ve been very busy. We’ve got a booked out clinic and we just do our best to squeeze in athletes as fast as we can so they don’t miss too much time.”

Jessica Murdoch has been contracted out to Canyon Ridge High School and works with the various sports teams during the week and also spends time in the clinic seeing patients.

She says parents are very receptive to having an athletic trainer on site during sporting events.

“They invited me to come to each of the parents meetings, so I got to go and just do a nice little ‘hey I’m the athletic trainer if you guys need anything, I’m here for you guys.’ It was very good exposure for the parents to recognize hey we’ve got someone on site helping us out, she’ll be at the games she’ll be there to help evaluate,” said Murdoch.

Athletic trainers carry an important role in the sporting community.

What use to be seen as a job for carrying water coolers, is now a respectable career path.

Trainers can see things as simple as cuts and bruises to as critical as broken bones to concussions and torn muscles.

“I really enjoy being able to work one on one with the athletes and just be able to help them out in any way necessary to make sure that they’re healthy and ready to play,” said Luke Porter, Athletic Trainer.

St. Luke’s has trainers at Canyon Ridge and Kimberly High School, but other schools around the Magic Valley have them as well.

Not to worry though, if your school doesn’t have an athletic trainer and you’re playing against one who does, you’ll still be in good hands.

“I assure you that you have an athletic trainer that will be non-biased and take care of both sides,” said Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson was even at the rodeo last week at the Twin Falls County Fair taking care of that sporting event as well.

The clinic also offers a concussion hotline that can help screen symptoms.

The clinic can be reached at (208) 814-5075.