Professional Sports

The Indiana Pacers’ Josh Corbeil


Professional Sports

The Indiana Pacers’ Josh Corbeil

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Author: Scott Agness

When a Pacers player is dealing with discomfort or an injury, Josh Corbeil is who they contact. At practice or in a game, at home or in the middle of the night, Corbeil is essentially always on call.

Corbeil, officially the Senior Director Medical Operations and Head Athletic Trainer, joined the Pacers in 2004. He took over for legendary athletic trainer David Craig. Since then, he has worked with four different head coaches: Rick Carlisle, Jim O’Brien, Frank Vogel, and now Nate McMillan.

The Boston native holds a bacehlor’s degree in science, master’s in physical therapy, doctorate in physical therapy, and he is a licensed physical therapsist and athletic trainer.

Corbeil, Associate Head Athletic Trainer Carl Eaton, and Director of Sports Performance Shawn Windle have a daily meeting each morning about the 15-man roster and what is going on with each player.

One thing Corbeil and the training staff emphasize is prehab. That’s taking a focus in treating players daily in hopes of preventing an injury from happening in the first place. It’s prevention rather than reaction.

If you enjoy the behind the scenes of a professional team and what an individual’s job entails, as I do, I think you’ll really enjoy this podcast.

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