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Utah Life Saving Athletic Trainers Honored


Secondary School

Utah Life Saving Athletic Trainers Honored

Article reposted from Good 4 Utah

Leigh Otis and Amanda Jennings don’t consider themselves heroes but everybody else does, including Layton city officials.

Their quick actions on April 27th are the reason that 17-year-old Connor Moss is still here today.

Moss collapsed during a weightlifting session at Northridge High School that afternoon and his heart stopped.

Otis, the Athletic Trainer at Northridge and Jennings, a Weber State University trainer, found him on the floor unconscious and without a pulse.

Otis began performing CPR while Jennings ran downstairs to grab an automatic external defibrillator. They were able to use it to shock him back to life and today he is good as new and was at Layton City Hall to see the women get awards.

“I was ready,” Jennings said, remembering that day. “I was happy that I was able to do what I was supposed to do and it’s not necessarily that I feel like a hero I’m just glad I was able to step up and I knew what to do.”

Moss often sees Otis at Northridge High but had not met Jennings until the ceremony Thursday night.

“I can just say thank you a million times but it still wouldn’t be enough,” Moss told ABC4 Utah News.  “They’re very humble people and they’re not in it for the glory or awards but they do deserve them.”

A group of Layton City firefighters attended the ceremony and gave Otis and Jennings a standing ovation for their efforts.