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Fingerprint scanner grants access to Baker University athletic training room


College and University

Fingerprint scanner grants access to Baker University athletic training room

Article reposted from The Baker Orange
Author: Rose Wahlmeier

One finger can now grant students access to athletic care. Finger-scanning technology connected to electronic medical records (EMR) has recently been placed in the athletic training area.

This updated EMR technology allows students to place their finger on a scanner to sign themselves in, followed by a few questions.

“It reads who I am, goes into my file and asks what I am doing in the training room today,” sophomore student athlete Evan Eckwall said.

Eckwall said that before the latest EMR scanner, he would just sign in on paper.

According to athletic trainer Lynsey Payne, the new technology is getting students checked in more quickly.

“It helps cut down time that we would spend documenting, which allows us to be with the athletes more,” Payne said.

Payne said that they had been looking into this type of finger scanning system for a while. Several nearby colleges are using the same system. She said that the new system is able to look up injuries more quickly than the older one.

“The money to pay for this new EMR was built into our budget,” Payne said.

Some student-athletes say they are still adjusting to the new routine and that it does not always work.

“I think once I use it more, I will understand it better,” sophomore student athlete Olivia Brees said

Brees suggested that someone walk through how to sign in with students their first time so they better understand what they are doing.

“I have seen a lot of people having to write their name down because the scanner does not work for them,” Brees added.

Eckwall said that if the scanner is not working, then it defeats the purpose of having one because then students go back to signing in on paper.

To lessen this inconvenience and to smooth out the adjustment period, the athletic training room has recently added a second EMR device with a finger scanner. This will now allow two students to check in at one time, making signing in more efficient.

The athletic training room is located in the basement of Mabee Hall.