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Head Athletic Trainer Scott McIver Explains His Story


College and University

Head Athletic Trainer Scott McIver Explains His Story

Article reposted from GOVALIANTS.COM
Author: Casey Schermick

Head Athletic Trainer Scott McIver has become one of the most recognizable figures in the athletic department among student-athletes and staff members.  The energy he brings to the department is unparalleled and because of that, has made his office a place for athletes to enjoy themselves, rather than suffer through rehabilitation or injury treatment.  Outside of the office, his bagpipes can be heard all over campus, performing God Bless America at sporting events and performing in several parades in Westchester County and New York City.

We got together with “Scotty Mac” to learn more about his experience at Manhattanville College in our second edition of #TheValiantWay.

Tell us about your family, and anything unique about them that you’d be willing share. 
My wife Sandra and I met at the Swedish Institute in NYC, which is the oldest school of Massage Therapy in the country. We became licensed to practice and later married. My two sons are both graduates of Manhattanville, with Sean earning a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Colin earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

What made you want to pursue athletic training as a career?
An injured athlete while playing football at Iona College met my mentor, Joe “JB” Buono, who introduced me to sports medicine and the path to getting licensed.

What first made you choose to come to Manhattanville in 2000?
I worked at Pace University, just up the way from Manhattanville and on several visits through athletic competition, I fell in love with the campus. The College had just started a hockey program and the school was looking for a Head Athletic Trainer.  I got the job and the rest is history.

You left to pursue other work in 2002, but ultimately chose to come back to Manhattanville in 2006, what was the biggest contributor to that decision?
This was an easy decision for me. Athletics [at Manhattanville] was growing and doing well. There were new facilities in place including a turf field with lights, and the hockey programs were in the hunt for national titles. The men’s hockey coach, whom I had admired, was now the acting Athletic Director.

What do you enjoy most about working at Manhattanville?
I have always enjoyed the daily interaction with the student-athletes and have stayed in touch with a great number of former graduates. It is always a pleasure hearing about their lives and families. It is like a big extended family here.

What is your favorite aspect of Manhattanville athletics?
Being a Valiant, wearing the colors and singing the fight song, which I wrote back in 2000. I am a proud Valiant and this is my home. Working with student-athletes when they are injured and seeing them return and excel has been the best part of my career.

What is special about the coaching staff and athletes that you would want to share with a recruit or someone outside the program?
We are a family here at Manhattanville. “Once a Valiant, always a Valiant.”

If you had to answer Why Manhattanville, what would you say?
“To the Valiant of heart, nothing is impossible!”