Secondary School

School staff and fire crews train for football season


Secondary School

School staff and fire crews train for football season

Athletic Trainers and First Responders Practice Life Saving Techniques

CCISD wanted to make sure that the athletic trainers and the fire department were ready for football season. on the same page. They offered a special training for both of them Thursday to talk about possible football injuries and how to treat them.

“If we start the whole process of assisting the individual before they get their then we already have the oxygen flowing or we already have the spine board. Its going to assist tremendously ,” said David Sanchez District Athletic Trainer.

So today trainers from every high school in CCISD discussed some of the injuries that happen on the field like neck and spine injuries.

“We are doing training on removing the face mask so we can get to the airway.As well as removing the equipment so we can pack them on a spine board so we can get them to the emergency department,” said Blake George Athletic Trainers for Ray High School.

Everyone also learned about the different equipments not every team has the same type of football helmet. Even though they are rivals on the field, they need to be able to help each other out when needed.

“If I’m the only the athletic trainer there I can treat the Carroll student as well as the Ray student with the same effort with the same quickness and get them to the emergency room ,” said George.

All of those practices were put to test today.

“Their is a lot of new equipment that is out their and we don’t want to be caught without the proper tools or not having that experience of taking off something that we need to take off,” said David Sanchez athletic trainer.

“It be beneficial to the school districts the fire department and most importantly the students that we serve,” said Jose Gonzalez assistant fire chief with Corpus Christi Fire Department

The training was held at the fire station, and both departments hope to continue and do more trainings for the upcoming sports in the school districts.