Emily De La Garza Hired at Newman



Emily De La Garza Hired at Newman

Article reposted from the Vantage
Author: Kenley Lepage

The Newman Athletic Training staff has received a new member. Emily De La Garza will be working with volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring.

De La Garza’s previous job was at Texas A&M International University, where she worked with both men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and golf.

De La Garza said she also has experience working with independent baseball leagues including the Amarillo Thunderheads and the Laredo Lemurs.

Head Athletic Trainer Cam Clark came into contact with De La Garza after Newman posted the new grad-assistant position, she said.

“I have plans to continue my academic carer here as well, pursuing my master’s in Education Organization Leadership,” De La Garza said.

De La Garza expressed positivity about the upcoming school year.

“I am loving Newman so far. I can’t wait to start working with all the sports and learning about everyone,” she said.

De La Garza said her plans after finishing her master’s involve athletics on a larger scale.

“I plan on working toward my doctorate in athletic training and then pursuing my dream of working with the NFL or NBA as a head athletic trainer.”

De La Garza said she is living on campus this year to make it easier for her to come and go in the training room.